I don't want our CEO to quit

Organization:  Financial institution

Client:  Board member - USA, 2013

Reason for Booking Gainstorm Session:

  • Their CEO was brought in to revive org. after 2008 financial crisis
  • CEO had fulfilled his mission - did not have desire to continue
  • Board member knew CEO was right individual to grow organization
  • Board member booked Gainstorm to see if session could inspire CEO to stay

Gainstorm Session Location:

  • Sunny day, early afternoon, back yard of CEO's home, with Gainstorm template set up on a whiteboard and easel stand

Gainstorm Session Result:

  • One Gainstorm Session, 60-mins
  • CEO saw a future with the org. that inspired and energized him
  • Saw how he could apply his skills to growing org. beyond revival

Long-Term Result:

  • 10 years later, CEO still engaged
  • Org. has added +$300M in assets
  • Org. has won multiple industry awards
  • Plus invented and launched a unique industry app

Additional Gainstorm Sessions booked:

  • 2013: Long-Term Vision Gainstorm booked for org. Leadership Team
  • 2018: New Industry App Launch Gainstorm booked for App Product Team (in-house team members + software dev. team members)



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