What People Are Saying

All Gainstorming sessions are confidential, therefore some names have been withheld.

"Gainstorming has been an incredible asset to our business. It allows us to leverage our time, keep laser-focused on what we are trying to achieve in the meeting, and get results from the meeting that we would not normally see.

Having Gainstorming drive our development meetings saves us time and gets us where we need to go FAST!

Perfect for strategic and development meetings to prevent you from spinning your wheels."

LB, CEO, IT Entity, Australia

"Having the Gainstorming experience in the beginning stages of my startup catapulted me forward with clarity, vision, and truly helped align my goals and direction."

SCB, Founder, Lifestyle Entity, USA

"As a result of a Gainstorm session I found a stunningly appropriate solution to a problem, as well as some useful blueprints for me to test day-to-day activity against, ensuring I remain on-brand and true to my long-term goals." 

KLR, President, Medical Product Distributor, USA

"We used a Gainstorm session to accelerate the identification of the scope and deliverables for an upcoming training in just 45-minutes."

IS, Senior Manager, Silicon Valley Tech Entity, USA

"Gainstorming helped us get bigger in our thinking from a purpose point of view, and as a result, we found a better solution."

TF, Executive Director, 501(c)(3) Entity, USA

"Gainstorming in the office really allows everyone to have a voice, no idea is wasted, and the meetings really stay on track and productive.

What used to take hours takes a fraction of the time with Gainstorming and the quality of the outcome is so much higher!  

Whether part of a team and in the office, looking for clarity with your personal goals, or planning to start a new business venture I highly, highly recommend Gainstorming!"

ST, Social Media Manager, Training Company, USA

"I have not felt this focused in months. Now I can’t wait for this session to end because I have four phone calls I want to make today!"

KM, Former NFL Player-Turned-Inventor, USA
[Client made the four phone calls and raised 100K that day toward funding their new venture.]

"The Gainstorming process helped us get further on this project in one session than we had in seven months."

SF, Marketing Director, Printing Company, USA

"Gainstorming is a powerful way to get my ideas out onto paper and then act on them." 

MC, Horse & Human Transformation Specialist, USA

"Gainstorming opened my eyes to excellent possibilities. You walk away with a clear vision for anything you want to accomplish."

TM, Director, Construction Company, USA

"Gainstorming brings the puzzle pieces together so everyone can see the BIG picture to bring a project from conception to fulfillment."

CB, Entrepreneur, USA