Where did Gainstorming Come From?

Excited by a challenge in 2010 to "find the perfect solution to an everyday problem," Gainstorming founder, Yvonne Wilcox, set out on a journey to discover a technique that could solve unproductive meetings. 

When a group of people come together to think, solve problems, and create, it should be the most extraordinary and efficient use of their time. 

The Gainstorming Creative Focus Accelerator is the result of ten years of research and field testing towards this aim.

What's the Difference Between Gainstorming and Brainstorming?

Brainstorming generates Ideas. 
Gainstorming generates Focus. 

How Does It Work?

If you've ever been part of a group that meets to think and/or create together, you will have had experiences that range from okay, to great, to extraordinary (or even, unfortunately, to dysfunctional). 

The creation of the Gainstorming model began with studying what it was that caused this range of outcomes, and whether it would be possible to create an environment that ensured an extraordinary outcome at EVERY single event. 

The result is a seven-step sequence that causes an individual or group to very quickly gain powerful, unified focus – the key to saving time, extraordinary creativity, collaboration, and insights.

Who Can Use The Gainstorming Model?

Throughout its years in development, Gainstorming has been tested with a wide range of individuals and groups, from the naturally creative, to the extraordinarily brilliant, to people who wouldn't even consider themselves as ‘creative.’

The model has proven to work for anyone who has the desire to engage with it. 

Gainstorming is not ‘mystical’ or ‘magical,’ it simply engages the brain in a way that powerfully excites curiosity, and then conversationally facilitates practical, solutionary thinking.


Gainstorming can be used at any time you need to think about something – so you can either continue to just think about things the way you always do, or you can step through a Gainstorm template and fast-track your insights toward a spectacular “Aha!” moment. 

For a group that needs to collaborate to solve a problem or create something new, a Gainstorming session guarantees that every moment the group spends together will be insightful, powerfully productive, and culminate with a clear vision-strategy, priority actions and inspired energy.

How Long Does It Take?

The Gainstorming Templates range from 3 seconds to 60 minutes. 

The ultimate key to the model's success is that it immediately elevates your brain to a uniquely focused and collaborative thinking space.

Who Is Yvonne Wilcox?

At the start of the Gainstorming journey in 2010, Yvonne had spent 23 years working in the fields of visual communication, product development, and marketing – in Australia and the USA.

The desire to find a technique for consistent, high performance collaboration was born after holding a 10-year position as in-house Creative Director for a US-based international multimedia training company, working with a diverse set of teams and individuals.

Yvonne is originally from Australia, and now lives in the USA.

How Do I Start Gainstorming?

One-on-one and group coaching sessions are now available by appointment.

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