I feel like my job is going nowhere

Organization:  Training Company

Client:  Employee - USA, 2014

Reason for Gainstorm Session:

  • Employee took part in Life Purpose Gainstorm Sessions run by department director looking for ways to match talents to job roles
  • Employee's current role was managing web content
  • While employee was doing a great job, she was a single mom in a small town with not a lot of room for pay growth at the company

Gainstorm Session Location:

  • Private conference room, Gainstorm template hand-drawn on letter-sized paper

Gainstorm Session Result:

  • One Gainstorm Session, 60-mins
  • Employee remembered when growing up, "food was love"
  • Acknowledged her ultimate passion was cooking in the style of cuisine from her parents' motherland
  • If there was no limit to what she could pursue, she would open a restaurant
  • Created 5-year vision and plan for opening 40-60 seat restaurant

Long-Term Result:

  • 2016 - Experimented with lunch menus for coworkers, proved concept, grew into catering gigs
  • 2017 - Opened a food truck 
  • 2018 - Moved into a small takeout location
  • 2019 - Moved into a 40-seat restaurant, exactly what she imagined in her Gainstorm session :)

Additional Gainstorm Sessions booked:

  • 2018: Successful Move Gainstorm booked to create a vision and plan for move from small takeout location to 40-seat restaurant



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