I want time to do what I love

Organization:  Nonprofit Org.

Client:  Org. President - USA, 2018

Reason for Booking Gainstorm Session:

  • While client found their nonprofit work very rewarding
  • Their ultimate personal dream was to pursue their ancestral art

Gainstorm Session Location:

  • Conference room, Gainstorm template set up on a whiteboard

Gainstorm Session Result:

  • One Gainstorm Session, 60-mins
  • Client created a vision and 5-year plan for making time to do their art
  • Invented ways for their environment to ensure taking action

Long-Term Result:

  • 3 years into 5-year plan, won a Best In Show award, and their work was featured in the Smithsonian Art Museum’s Renwick Gallery

Additional Gainstorm Sessions booked:

  • 2018: Nonprofit Vision & Mission Statement Gainstorm booked for org. Leadership Team



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