Gainstorming® Creates FOCUS.

  • “The Gainstorming process helped us get further on this project in one session than we had in seven months.

    – S.F., Marketing Director, Commercial Printing entity, IL
  • “I never would have believed it was possible to stay that focused and make that many decisions, that quickly, with that many different people in the room.”

    – D.O., Senior Operations Officer, Financial Institution, CO
  • “We used a Gainstorm session to accelerate the identification of the scope and deliverables for an upcoming training in just 45 minutes.”

    – I.S., Senior Manager, Silicon Valley global tech entity, CA

Gainstorming Live at Thrive’25 Summit

I'm very excited to be one of the five coaches at this unique, once-in-a-lifetime interactive experience in Denver, CO!

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Why We Gainstorm:

A unique thinking sequence designed to prompt your best thinking in the shortest time

Gain instant clarity

Unleash the Power of the 7-Step Gainstorm Sequence
Say goodbye to mental clutter as this proven methodology guides you effortlessly from scattered thoughts to laser-focused creative insights. Watch as your ideas fall into place, creating a clear path towards your goals. Gainstorming's unique approach will reshape the way you think, making creative focus your new superpower.

Get your brain in a ‘focus zone’

Ignite Your Best Thinking in the Perfect Environment
Welcome to a world of optimal thinking conditions. Gainstorming provides the ideal environment for your creativity to flourish. The carefully designed template primes your brain for innovation, setting the stage to guide your best ideas into action. No more struggling with mental blocks or uninspired moments – with Gainstorming, you'll effortlessly tap into your brain's full potential and achieve breakthrough thinking.

Guaranteed value output for time spent thinking

Unleash Limitless Creativity within Structured Boundaries
Experience the liberating power of creative constraints through Gainstorming's unique template. By channeling your thoughts within focused boundaries, you'll be amazed at the ideas for action that pour forth. Every minute invested in Gainstorming yields invaluable returns as you unlock innovative concepts. Say goodbye to wasted time and hello to focused, productive, inspired thinking.